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Did you know that 2 out of 5 people lie about liking a gift?

Actually, most people would like to receive cash, but very few like to give it to others. It’s hard to pick the perfect gift for someone special. We’re here to make gift-giving fun, personal and purposeful. So you can rock the perfect gift - every time, anywhere.
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What dreams can you make reality?

Put your cash where it matters. Give something meaningful and add a digitized unwrapping experience to wow someone’s socks off. We call that the Boon.
Grow your Boon. Whether you create a Boon for someone special - or yourself - invite friends to chip in. No dream is too big!
Make your dream come true. When you cash out that Boon, share the feeling of fulfilling a dream and send thanks to your Boon Buddies. That’s what we call the Bliss!
Try Boon & Bliss, it’s free!
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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

  • How can I win a 100 Euro birthday Boon?
    Is your birthday coming up? Good for you, because that means you can win at least a 50 Euro birthday Boon! This is how it works: 1. Download the app 2. Complete your profile *and don’t forget your birthday* 3. Create your very own dream gift. At the end of every month, we select one happy birthday boy or girl, who will automatically get the birthday Boon added to the created dream. PS. Want to double the Boon up to 100 Euro? Share your dream with your friends on social - follow and tag Boon & Bliss and use #birthdayboon Happy birthday!

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  • What exactly is Boon & Bliss?
    We’re here to make gift-giving more personable and engaging by letting anyone send money electronically as a gift towards any goal, using our mobile gifting App. The cherry on top comes with our customizable digital unwrapping experience.

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  • How do I start?
    Simply download the Boon & Bliss mobile gifting App to create your first dream - for yourself, or for someone else.

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  • I received a gift. How do I open it?
    Congratulations! To unwrap your gift, just download the App and click the link that you received. Ta-daaa!

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  • Can I spend my gift on something else?
    Absolutely! You can edit your Boon to re-purpose it for another dream. You can also just cash out your Boon to spend it on whatever you wish. Just remember to say thank you :).

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  • How do refunds work?
    If the receiver doesn’t like your gift, they can of course reject it and you’ll be completely refunded.

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  • How do I send the gift?
    Once purchased, you’ll get a shareable link that you can send out to that special person. Send it via email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or in the Boon & Bliss App.

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  • Does the gift expire?
    Nope! There’s no expiration date for Boon & Bliss gifts. We will hold on to your gift securely until you claim or reject it.

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  • What are the costs for Boon & Bliss services?
    You can give and contribute to dreams for free! We do not charge contributors and givers, not even for transaction costs. Once a receiver decides to enjoy the bliss, at the cash out we charge 2% Service fee on the total amount raised to cover for our administrative, processing and transaction costs.

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  • How can I be sure that my financial transactions are secured with Boon & Bliss?
    Your dreams and your money are sacred to us. Boon & Bliss is a Service Platform, we are not a payment processor and we do not manage funds. We use the services of Intersolve Payments b.v., a licensed E-money institution supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and the Financial Markets Authority, to process all financial transactions and to manage the funds in a foundation established for that purpose. No worries!

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  • In which countries can I give and receive gifts?
    At this moment, the Boon & Bliss App is available for users in the Netherlands only. But we plan to expand our reach rapidly, so let us know where you'd like us to go next!

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