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Give gifts that truly matter with this wishlist app

Everyone can relate to this: you celebrate your birthday and receive various gifts from your family and friends. A pair of socks here and there, always nice. (not!) Maybe you asked for a functional new cooking pan, but you accidentally end up with two. Or the classic scenario: a gift card for a store you're not really into. Time to train your facial muscles and act like you appreciate the gift because it's the thought that counts... right?

Deep down, everyone has a wishlist of things they truly desire. Sometimes it takes a moment of reflection, but when people think about what they really want, something always comes to light. Perhaps a weekend getaway or a more expensive gift like a Playstation, an e-bike, or maybe even a vacation. Why not give and receive gifts that are truly appreciated?

Stop giving gift cards on birthdays

Did you know that most people (61%) would prefer to receive money as a gift? Yet, only a small percentage of people (19%) actually enjoy giving money as a gift. Giving money feels impersonal, as if you haven't put much thought into what would be suitable for that person, and it tends to be easily forgotten. People often feel like they're doing something wrong when giving money as a gift.

That's when gift cards come into play, but statistics show that more than 30% of the value on those cards is never used. Redeeming gift cards is also a continuous hassle! It's a waste of time and effort. And think about all the unnecessary items you've received for your birthday that are now collecting dust in some cabinet. All those things that don't really belong on your wishlist. It's a waste of effort, a waste of space, and most importantly, a waste of money.

What if the people around you could collaborate on your wishlist?

Most people can't fulfill a big wish on their own from their wishlist. For example, if someone wants to take guitar lessons for a few weeks or go on a week-long trip to Spain, the costs quickly add up. It's something people usually have to save up for.

Think about all the gifts you typically receive on your birthday. Add up the costs of all the items and gift cards. You'll see that it quickly adds up to a significant amount. An amount that makes a week-long trip to Spain or a nice new purchase much more realistic in the short term. That sounds much better than a simple gift card, doesn't it?

That could be the power of collaboration. Coming together to save up and give a gift that truly matters, a gift that's on someone's wishlist. Bring a big smile to someone's face instead of the familiar fake "Oh, thanks, socks!" That's much more enjoyable to give! And of course, it's much more enjoyable to receive. What would you ask for if this were a possibility? Maybe a new Tesla!? Okay... perhaps a bit exaggerated, but feel free to dream big.

Boon & Bliss introduces an app for online wishlists

Imagine how great it would be to give a gift to your friend that they can talk about for years, and you've contributed to it. That's what Boon & Bliss makes possible. We've created our app with the idea of normalizing money as a gift. No more unused gift cards or useless items that end up in an attic. No, real value is what we stand for.

Our app works quite simply:

  1. Everyone involved, including the recipient, installs the Boon & Bliss app via Android or iOS.

  2. The recipient can easily create a wishlist.

  3. Then, the recipient's loved ones determine their own budget and donate it towards one of the recipient's wishes.

  4. The recipient can then indicate whether the goal has been achieved! If the goal hasn't been reached because it's a larger wish like a week-long trip, at least they'll have a substantial sum of money to put towards it.

Even if the recipient has no idea for a gift, the app is still useful. As friends, you can quickly find out what someone really wants, regardless of budget. You can still contribute money to the wishlist you've created together. And the best part? If the recipient suddenly comes up with a fantastic idea, all the money can go towards that! The app provides complete freedom and control.

Download the app and see for yourself how easy it is! Alternatively, watch this video to get a good idea of how the app works.

Don't be afraid to try something new

What we often see is that people are afraid to ask for larger and more expensive gifts. It's understandable because who can just casually cough up a few hundred euros for a birthday present? Certainly not me, with my modest income. That's where creating an online wishlist with multiple participants becomes an ideal solution.

You've probably experienced this as well, when someone asks you what you want for your birthday. And before you know it, you're already considering their potential budget and mentioning something you don't really need. Or the familiar "Oh, whatever you want!" It's great, another trinket to receive or give. You'd rather save up for a bigger gift, but you probably also recognize the response: "That's not fun! I don't want to give money." And there go those facial muscles again.

That's what makes Boon & Bliss so unique. People collaborating to make that bigger gift a reality. As mentioned earlier, everyone can set their own budget. As the recipient, you no longer have to consider the givers' budgets. Set your goal and see where it goes. Fulfill your own wishes and the wishes of your loved ones. Stop giving and receiving gifts that require you to exercise your facial muscles to put on a fake smile.

Don't have such a big wish? Would you prefer a pair of simple ice skates or maybe a new air fryer? That's not a problem either! You can add multiple wishes to your wishlist and receive (or give) multiple nice gifts.

Boon & Bliss's app is ideal for wishlists

Share your wishes today through the Boon & Bliss app. It's an ideal way to receive and give perfect gifts in the form of an online wishlist. Don't stick to the old pattern of giving gifts that have little value just because "that's how it's done." Normalize giving money and help your friends with their wishes, together. Together, you can accomplish so much more. Together, you can make someone's dream come true.

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boon and bliss app

Give meaningful gifts that truly matter with this wishlist app

The wishlist app that encourages collaboration for meaningful gifts. Say goodbye to unused gift cards and give what truly matters.Read more