Boon & Bliss
Easy as a gift-card
Fun as a real gift
Collects money from more friends
Can be spent anywhere as cash
make a boon

Finally. Revolutionary way
to give and receive
spot-on gifts.

Gifts that fulfill dreams.

Did you know that 2 out of 5 people lie about liking a gift?

Every year 20 billion worth of unwanted gifts clutter our houses... and our planet. Over 30% of gift cards that we give to each other - never get redeemed. As they expire or get lost in our kitchen drawers, merchants add over a hundred billion to their profits. Just imagine, how many beautiful dreams could be realized with this money instead! It's time for a new gifting solution that fulfills dreams.

Works like a charm

A spot-on group gift in a snap to fulfill a dream

Something to celebrate with gifts involved? Finally, no need to limit yourself with those random gifts or traditional gift cards. Think big! Create a list of dream gifts that really matter: The next epic trip? A new e-bike? Or may be even a pet lama? Anything becomes possible when your friends chip in!
Friends, family and collegues are breaking their heads while thinking of a gift that matters and fits their budget. With a magic link you invite them to contribute into what makes you really happy. They can easily contribute any amount, digitally from anywhere. It is super easy and fun as they add video messages to make your dream gift personal and memorable.
Enjoy the ka-ching sound as the money contributions are streaming and fund your dream. Best part: you can cash it out to your bank account, thank your friends for their contributions and… spend this money anytime, anywhere. For anything! No strings attached. We mean it.
Try Boon & Bliss, it’s free!

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

What exactly is Boon & Bliss?

We are an e-gift card... but different! How?

Unlike traditional gift cards who want to lock your cash by a selected merchant, we put consumer in the center. You can create a gift card for anything - be it the next epic trip, or a guitar or even a sabbatical leave! You make you contribution towards the goal that is meaningful and relevant for your friend - and invite more friends to chip in.

Once done, you send the magic link to the receiver through any messenger. The receiver can spend it on anything by cashing it out to his bank account. No deadlines, no limitations. But one: All contributors deserve to know what is that special gift that the receiver decided to treat themselves with :)

How do I start?

Download the Boon & Bliss mobile gifting App, create an account and choose from two tabs:

Give: Start the gifting process by pressing the Give a dream gift button. Once you are done with your contribution, you will get a magic link to invite more friends to chip in.

Receive: Have your own celebration soon and do not want to get another pile of unwanted gifts? Go to "My Dreams" and add a dream you want to raise money for. Invite your friends to chip in via any message by sharing a magic link. And enjoy the Ka-Ching sound :)

I received a gift. How do I open it?

Congratulations! To unwrap your gift, just download the App and click the link that you received. Ta-daaa!

Do not forget to say Thank you to all the contributors via the app, they have opted to spare a pile of small unwanted gifts and give you something bigger and relevant!

Would you rather spend these money on something else? We got you covered! Just edit the title and cover picture - and keep saving for what natters most to you! All contributors will receive an update.

Ready to cash out and fulfill that dream already? Just make a 10 cents transaction to connect your bank account and we will wire you the cash - to spend anywhere. We mean it.

Can I spend my gift on something else?

Absolutely! You can edit your Boon to re-purpose it for another dream. You can also just cash out your Boon to spend it on whatever you wish. Just remember to say thank you :).

How do refunds work?

If the receiver doesn’t like your gift, they can of course reject it and all contributors will be completely refunded without any fees.

How do I send the gift?

Once purchased, you’ll get a shareable link that you can send out to that special person. Send it via email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or in the Boon & Bliss App.

Does the gift expire?

Nope! There’s no expiration date for Boon & Bliss gifts. We will hold on to your gift securely within our regulated escrow until you claim or reject it.

What are the costs for Boon & Bliss services?

You can give and contribute to dreams for free! We do not charge contributors and givers, not even for transaction costs. Once a receiver decides to enjoy the bliss, at the cash out we charge 2% Service fee on the total amount raised to cover for our administrative, processing and transaction costs.

How can I be sure that my financial transactions are secured with Boon & Bliss?

Your dreams and your money are sacred to us. Boon & Bliss is a Service Platform, we are not a payment processor and we do not manage funds. We use the services of Online Payment Platform b.v., a licensed payment institution supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and the Financial Markets Authority, to process all financial transactions and to manage the funds in a foundation established for that purpose. No worries!

In which countries can I give and receive gifts?

The Boon & Bliss App can cash out gifts to any European bank account, in Euro currency. Contributors all over the world can participate and pay with iDeal, Bancontact, Visa/Maestro credit cards. Try now!

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